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Providing an LMS specialized for online coaches with exceptional student experience.

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Exceptional UX

Clean. Minimal. Modern.

We are providing the best experience for your students, which will lead to higher student satisfaction.

Upsell Higher Value Courses

The way our user interface is designed will benefit you from more upsells to your higher price courses.
Students will be aware that you provide other courses, and this will make them curious. Therefore, more sales with no money spend on paid ads or email sequences.

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Free Trial Funnel

In a free trial course, you will set the lessons you wish to be locked or unlocked. Once a student tries to access a locked lesson, they will be prompted to buy the full course.

Out of 100 students on a free trial course you should expect 17-30 to upgrade to a paid course!

Our free trial feature is a game-changer that no other competitor offers.

Get More Referrals

Increase your referrals by making it easy for your students to refer someone.

We have strategically placed this feature for you to get more referrals than ever before.

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Enable the e-signature feature, and the students, once they onboard they will need to sign your terms and conditions electronically.

This increases your chances of not losing a dispute filed against you.


Have multiple choice quizzes throughout your course to test out your student’s knowledge.

You can also issue automatic certificates so that students can feel proud of their accomplishments.

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Help Center & FAQ

Securely within your course area, you can have articles or frequently asked questions categorized for fast searching.

Action Items & Questions

In each lesson, you can have action items or questions that the student needs to submit.

You can manage that easily with our management system on the backend.

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Intelligent Search Functionality

Students can search for anything through your course.

Our search will provide results from the lessons, including transcripts, uploaded Q&A calls, and from your HelpCenter or FAQ.


You can customize the appearance of to match your branding colors.

Want a custom feature? If yes, let us know, and we can develop it for you.

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We integrate with Zapier and Digistore24 at the moment.

You can automate user registration, extraction of data, referrals extraction, student information extraction.

What Our Clients Say About

Xenios Charalambous

Personal Trainer at Xenios Fitness

“Kajabi, Teachable, ClickFunnels could not deliver the experience we have with SoftwareCy LMS!”

Leilani Rios

Coaching Women

“Since we moved our course to we have more referrals and upsells!”

Artūras Salnikovas

Founder of Digital

“I’ve used to host my course in Kartra but since moving to I am in love with it! Excellent Support.”

Sean Richardson

Director of Energy Health Inc.

“I did extensive research and as soon as I saw SoftwareCy LMS I knew it was going to serve me better than anything out there!”

Faheem Kenanoglu

Chi Healing

“They developed custom features which I needed for my business in order to optimize our support team!”

Bastian Slot

Founder of Agency Cultivation

“ team has gone above and beyond to develop a platform that is amazing. My students love it!”

Costas Aristophanous

General Manager of NAGA

“Incredible work! They developed custom features as I requested. No other competitor does this!”

It’s Time to Provide Your Students an Insane Learning Experience!

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